Here's a fun story.

I shot this video when only our 16 month old and I were home. I thought it'd be a funny parody to those 'Tasty' videos that are always clogging up my news feed. Our little guy is a bit needy at times, but when left alone, he plays with toys quietly and explores this amazing thing called life. So, just like I've done dozens of times before, I close some doors, shut the baby gate and he's encompassed with carpet, baskets of toys and plenty of room to throw shit. As he's downstairs shoving anything that will fit into his mouth and tossing our un-mated socks around, I start to shoot this awkward and experimental video. About a minute in I hear a loud crash and naturally assume that our precious little demon seed crashed one of his toys into another. No crying, no screaming, not a single sound came from the boy himself. I kept filming. Judging from the audio in the raw footage and when I stopped the recording, about three and a half minutes later I go downstairs to see the big, beautiful, blues eyes that my loins produced and to my dismay, I see blood...everywhere. My shock was quickly replaced with surprise. The blood all over the floor was accompanied with glass, small white fragments of glass. Next to the happy go lucky, fat, little baby was half an oversized studio light I use for videos. I instantly knew what happened. He impressively unlatched my large tuff box in the corner of the living room, removed the box which housed the light, opened the packaging took the light out and proceeded to smash it on the floor. These actions resulted in serious injury.

"Oh, no! Oh shit!," I say out loud as I quickly and carefully scoop my offspring off the pile of shards that surround him. This is where my Army training kicks into high gear. I clean the wound in the sink. Honestly, I was trying to rinse the blood off so I could find the wound. I apply pressure. I was counting my lucky stars it was only one cut and he still had all his fingers. Once the bleeding slowed down I was able to inspect. The high chair came in hand at this point. He was laughing, playing and trying to splash around in the sink; had to lock him down. With a couple looks, I knew I needed the tweezers. With no resistance from baby Bash, I surgically removed a (relatively) large hunk of glass out of his thumb. A couple Star Wars band aids and it was nap time. I cleaned the glass and blood, wrapped up the video and moved on.

Of course, the next day as my wife looked at the uncovered (he ripped off everything I put on) laceration... she sent us to the hospital. The doctor agreed that he didn't seem too bothered, but took an x ray to make sure there was no more glass in it. Turns out you can't usually get stitches 24 hours after the injury...he probably would have got a couple. Overall, other than avoiding that thumb, he was fine.

Take away from the story:

  1. You never know how your kid will injure themselves
  2. My kid is tough as fucking nails.
Tim Kacillas