Kids Aren’t Thankful… Well, at Least Not Grateful

We are by no means rich. In fact, we feel the pinch like most Americans. Our lights are on though, we have food in the fridge and our kids are spoiled as hell.

It’s human nature to strive to do better than your parents did. It’s called progress and that ambition is the only way these mammals with no claws, fangs, shells, wings or 360-degree vision have climbed their way to the top of the food chain. A man makes a spear and he aids his village. That man’s son puts a sharper arrowhead on his dad’s spear and he not only aids his village, but also shows up his old man. Now, the young man thinks he’s pretty hot shit; being all innovative with his hunting skills. What the son doesn’t realize is that he never would have had the platform to invent the arrowhead without his dad’s spear. Nothing has changed.

How many Dads have the burning desire to do better than their Dad did? The answer is… all of them. Well, at least any that would like to call themselves ‘Dad’ in the DAD LIKE A MAN community. We all want to give our kids more and they all want to do more than we did. This is how mankind advances. Collectively each generation aims to achieve more than the last. Does this negate the struggles that the previous generations went through? Hell yeah it does. Every old person thinks young people are sissies. Then, those young people get older, and think the new, young people are sissies. I’m sure the WW1 guys thought the WW2 guys had it easy, and the Civil War guys thought the WW1 guys didn’t know struggle, and the Revolution dudes couldn’t understand the complaints from the Civil War kids, I could go on, but I think you get the point. It could be because of advancement in technology, or a compiled sense of law and order, but generation after generation we become more ‘civilized’, or in another word ‘complicated’. Struggles are still real, there are still issues that people need to contend with that are just as serious as issues of the past. It’s all about prospective.

What does any of this ranting have to do with being a good Dad? I’ll tell ya. Most kids whine and complain about things that we didn’t even think were possible when we were kids. Oh, goodness, their freaking game boy doesn’t have wifi to connect with their alliance buddies! We naturally want to slap that stupid toy out of their hands and tell them that we didn’t have that as a kid and we turned out just fine. There once was a day, probably, that your Dad wanted to slap something out of your hands and tell you that he didn’t have that as a kid. Unfortunately, for the children twenty some odd years ago, most Dads probably did slap the toy out of your hand and a slap to the face just for a little cherry on top. But, non the less, they are kids. They won’t know how great they have/had it until they are older and can look back with prospective and the knowledge that comes with years of experience.

So, don’t be too upset when your child tells you that they are only grateful for Minecraft at the Thanksgiving Day table or when they throw a fit because the router is on the fritz. We all know they’re going to bitch and moan no matter what. Your child’s spear not being sharp enough could lead them to inventing the latest version of the arrowhead. A well raised child being ungrateful for what they have will lead them to revolutionize their generation

Tim Kacillas